Google ADSense help referral ads do not show

      we have heard a lot of publisher websites can not display the 2 promotion advertising, in order to help publishers to solve this problem, we want to introduce the possible causes and solutions to promote display.

      first, ad unit display, please note that not all promotional advertising can be in any size. So, if you choose to recommend advertising advertising unit format is not suitable, cannot display advertising. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend that you choose the category and the product before setting up the promotion advertisement, and then choose the advertising format.

      the same token, if you put a different format to promote advertising at the same time to join your shopping cart, and select a unified advertising format, advertising can not be displayed. In this case, you will need to re create the ad code and select the appropriate format for the different products.

      the following are some of the other reasons that may cause referrals to be displayed:

      1 your referral ads are not available in your country / region. In the production of ad code, you can click the "change" link above the page and select the country / region you want to view.

      2 you do not have the option of selecting the best advertisement when selecting an advertisement, and the advertiser’s budget has been used up or has been discontinued. In order to make full use of other available advertising resources, we recommend that you select this option when choosing an advertisement.

      3 you added more than 3 referral units on the web. Our policy allows publishers to put up to 3 referral units on a single page.

      4 our system considers your web pages containing adult or sensitive content. However, when you change the content of the page, you may see the promotion of advertising.

      5 you modified the referral code. Make sure you have copied the ad code directly and added it directly to your web page.

      we have been working to improve the process of generating referral code, and we also welcome you to put forward your comments and suggestions on the recommendation 2. (Editor: admin02)