Grassroots Adsense how to choose advertising alliance to help their success

is now the main profit pattern of webmasters have not advertising, but advertising alliance as a profitability model is a suitable for each site, so that the advertising for the site of the influence will be very far-reaching, for some major traffic sites, advertising can often around this site is successful, but now the small advertising alliance is innumerable, both good and bad, even if the cheater advertising, accidentally planted inside, let the site suffered losses, so choose a good advertising alliance is a grassroots webmaster we are very concerned about the topic, because the author has been engaged in the advertising alliance network evaluation work. So for the choice of advertising alliance is more or less with their own experiences, to now write to share with you a


choose a good advertising alliance we can start from the following principles:

: This is the basis of credibility, advertising alliance, if we see through advertising evaluation network information, the advertising credibility is very poor, it basically can PASS, but also can not rule out some advertising alliance brush credibility may, the credibility is a reference the value is not determined


two: look at the advertising alliance payment time, some advertising alliance weeks pay, some day, there is just for the month, ready to do advertising alliance webmaster at the beginning when the alliance should choose the payment period is short, usually weeks pay monthly or /p>! "

three: select the advertisement contents, for the development of the site, can not solely rely on advertising revenue, but to improve the user experience, only to do the advertising content and user experience in a web site can meet the long-term planning, otherwise there is no way to succeed the


four: from the strength of the company to choose, why now you choose Baidu alliance and Google alliance of key factors is the two companies stronger, of course we do advertising can not only confined to the two, some other quality good advertising alliance also can try


next we talk about some of the potential problems of the personal advertising alliance

: a union of non payment of commission issue, and when is payment will put your account banned, the personal union seal your account will be very charged, that our individual owners everywhere is not, and these advertising by the big grievances, real chicanery generally, their appeal is no fruit


two: the union deduction amount of serious problems, some owners reflect their own websites if Google or Baidu advertising, usually can click on the amount of 1000IP, but do the personal union, often become dozens, we worked so hard to fix the flow into their fees but, these alliances often shot for a place, let our webmaster

impossible to guard against!

finally we >