The mobile nternet era, what is the secret 10 years Kuangzhuan 30 million

the mobile Internet era, entrepreneurial opportunity is more meet the eye everywhere, it seems, the content of this article comes from a netizen’s question: what method can make reliable 30 million in ten years? The answer is strange and eccentric but there are still a lot of dry cargo: high profit items in the Internet: the so-called profiteering project. Often people with related desires and worries.


know there is a problem on which the reliable method can earn 30 million in ten years? I believe buddies like brother and nine curious Internet entrepreneurs in the barbaric growth era, how to quickly build up the family fortunes


, we take a look at the talented friends have figured out what way.

1 marry a wife with over 50 million assets at home, at least you can think of yourself in the beginning, there are already belong to you in the 20%.

2 Taobao. All around me worth millions of people are doing Taobao, many people do not earn 1000W, but there is no doubt that as long as Taobao does not collapse, just a matter of time.

3 stages in two. The first stage, adventure, earn 300-600 million is not particularly big challenge. The second stage, conservative investment, value-added 5-10 times is not particularly big challenge.

4 the hero, I summed up some success or have been successful experience, put a chicken soup here, and continued the successful people have one thing in common, four words: blood forever.

of course, the above methods do not seem so reliable. But hard work pays off, nine brother or dig some dry cargo. Net friend Ye Qing believes that the Internet in the high profit items – also known as profiteering projects, often associated with people’s desires and worries. If you want to rely on the Internet to make money, you quickly look down with nine brothers!

1 men lewd class

in the United States, the porn industry is a huge industry.

in China, these laws are limited to, but there are a lot of men meet lust products, such as "energy-saving", to improve self image products, adult products etc.. In fact, China’s hotel industry is also a deep revenue.

as long as you go to China to see the advertising alliance, adult supplies mall, the Commission is the highest, which indirectly illustrates the profitability of these products. Gao Yongjin, nature also ensures that they promote the richness of the channels to ensure sales.

but don’t do selfish things.

2 woman beauty class

women’s love of nature, spawned numerous industries. Beauty, weight loss, clothing, image design consultants, cosmetics, cosmetic, etc..

advertising industry related to beauty, a few