The fusion of the road Nishuixingzhou, innovation at the helm

in the trend of industrial convergence, more and more enterprises consciously or unconsciously involved in this fusion tide. He moves, in the new trend of integration, not what kind of enterprise is the absolute benefit, no company can guarantee they will always be benefited. How to steer the direction of the enterprise, how to grasp the integration of the road? Only continuous innovation in order to seek differentiated development, to adapt to the new industrial ecosystem.

in the IT industry, innovation and technology development are usually linked, but not limited to technology innovation, business model innovation, marketing strategy innovation, cultivating innovative talents, which is a comprehensive interpretation of the integration of the road. Fashion Group CEO Wang Xinchao said, an enterprise wants to jump out of the cycle of price competition and sustainable development, become one of the best companies in the industry, must go all out to cultivate and enhance the core business innovation competitive advantage.

innovation wins VC favor

innovation is considered to be the main advantage in twenty-first Century, entrepreneurship is a major way to bring innovation to the market. What are the criteria for innovation? Perhaps there is no clear definition, but whether it can win the favor of VC has recognized the ability to innovate from a side. Enterprise team is important, but whether there is an innovative business model, the potential profit method is the ultimate investment weight. Capital operation is a kind of business that is in business and not just for money. Therefore, the capital led business model innovation is a very good way to achieve leapfrog growth.

however, in the emerging market of industrial convergence, we see too many "foreign copy": a Google successful, local search appeared numerous enterprises; a YouTube is sold out, the local numerous video website…… Vice president of the Atlas Venture Global Fund Zhang pigeon admitted that a local company exists is counterfeit, especially on the Internet and telecommunications value-added services, we are often from the imitation of a successful case in the United States started. The innovation of technology and business model innovation, the introduction of overseas enterprises may be the only way which must be passed to innovation Chinese, but in the face of numerous enterprises even deja vu, the investment company has also appeared in "aesthetic fatigue".

early venture capital in the field of VC digital is that, with a total investment amount of each quarter as an example, the past Telecom and IT industry accounted for about 80%, the most recent quarter fell to about 60%, this is a very large amplitude. A variety of similar companies in the market, sometimes it will affect the interests of investors." Gobi partner company vice president Xu Chen clearly pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of foreign technology and business model innovation: "the advantage is Chinese local market huge potential users, attractive investment in the successful model of foreign existing enterprises in China huge market must follow a certain value; but the disadvantages are also obviously. The high dependence on overseas technology, domestic enterprises lack of long-term vision technology, and technology"