The Tao do make money to improve the website conversion rate

this article is only intended to illustrate the importance of personal experience, the conversion rate in the Tao guest promotion, rather than how to improve the conversion rate.

Taobao has done

for nearly 1 years, not to earn a lot of money, but the experience is still some. According to the first half of the time summary, do Amoy promotion does not rely on IP, but by high conversion rate.

many people may not know what is the conversion rate, in short, is your site visitors how many people through your code Amoy purchase goods, to bring you the ultimate benefit.

I used to have a station Baidu keyword do the first page, between the name of the 1-3, though the word is not very hot, but every day there are 50-80 IP, may have many webmaster will sniff at, only dozens of IP, what beef cattle, but I tell you, because the conversion rate is high, so the 50 IP every day can also bring me a few yuan the highest income, or even hundreds of yuan. But unfortunately, during the last year of the network server crackdown, over and over again was closed, my station was drop right Baidu.

then I chose TOP API, the "Amoy Street", a few simple documents, plus pseudo static optimization, only a few months have included Baidu 120 thousand, every day at IP in about 1000. But in fact, it is a pity that the income of only a few dollars a day or even a few dollars.


Although the flow of

, but significantly less revenue, which is what I want to say.

relatively speaking, I think the weight loss drug list 2010 this site conversion rate will be higher, because some of the targeted.