Look at advertising point advertising money making plan and Googel AdSense

you may have recently found that Simon Wangzhuan group in the recommendation and introduction to see advertising, advertising profitable website, but if your website, blog has put Google AdSense advertising this kind of advertising, advertising content and promotion plan to make money is likely to be a violation of the Google AdSense policy, Simon suggests that you’d better not in placing AdSense ads on the introduction and promotion of this kind of advertising money, but can not in this kind of website to buy advertising a Google AdSense advertisement ".

display Google advertising website content can not include paid browsing

in the Google AdSense plan provisions policy Google ads may not contain we can see there is a point about the pay per click, pay per view provisions: pay for user press advertising or preferential content, perform a search, browse the web or reading an e-mail program. And this kind of look like Bux.To advertising to make money, AdBux money, ClixSense advertising advertising money advertising, advertising plan to make money is not paid for the user to browse the website? This is why the station had placed Google AdSense advertising did not introduce one reason for this kind of advertising to make money, for another reason Simon is very lazy, do not want to see advertising.

if you are interested in this type of site, you can look at the site’s article classification – point advertising to make money

can not look at advertising sites advertising

you can not be in your website, blog and advertising to promote advertising point of view to make money, but also can not be seen in this kind of advertising point of advertising to make money in the site containing Google ads on the web page. There are two rules in the Google AdSense program to encourage click on the note:

can not be displayed in third party sites through a large number of mail unsolicited or redundant advertisement website

may not be paid to allow users to view advertisements or search, nor to pay for such acts of third party commitment;

this kind of advertising alone is to pay for and unsolicited advertising, so you

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