Stipple marked figure social accounts and product purchase links



people often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, the picture is more intuitive and attractive. But can not help but admit that the picture has its own limitations, the image is often only reflected in the surface of the information, wysiwyg. And how do you know the information behind the picture: who is the original author of the picture? Where did you take the picture? What’s the brand of the model in the picture? Where is it?

Stipple all these questions can be answered. Stipple is a picture annotation service that allows users to annotate image information. This can be different from the previous label label (Tag), the user can be marked in the picture at any position, but all links with the annotation content, picture source, related videos, product price, figure of the social network account etc.. The original Stipple only focus on B2B electricity supplier business users, today it is a new version of the line, open to the public, welcome all users to mark the picture. In addition, it also released a Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser plug-in, user-friendly browsing on other sites with Stipple labeled images.

when the user using the mouse over the Stipple annotation of the picture, you can see behind this picture story, twitter news figure updates, buy goods in the link graph (Stipple parameters automatically grab the price). If the Stipple tag is only valid in the Stipple site, then it is just an upgraded version of the label function only, and Flickr and Pinterest also have a label function. But Stipple can make these pictures are marked in the whole network are effective, other web pages embedded in the Stipple image code to allow these annotations to be retained, such as the price tag can be updated in real time.

Stipple is known as the field of image Adwords. For the electricity supplier or other brand advertisers, through Stipple tagging pictures provided by Stipple analysis and detection tools, you can view pictures and the number of user participation is viewed on the (see which label) etc.. And Stipple will use this as its profit model, according to the number of pictures triggered by the business charges. Stipple platform is now open to the public, it will be a unique opportunity to pass the picture to give more people. For example, up to people can upload their photos, in the Stipple to the picture marked purchase links, so businesses can be based on the results of the image of the people and the actual effect of the amount of the purchase to give.

Stipple in May this year, received a $5 million financing, but want to add more information to the image of the company can be more than one Stipple