Teach you to make full use of Taobao customers to make money

can I do Taobao for a long time, there is no good products for my undivided attention do Taobao, now I start Taobao customers, because it may be hard, but the income is also a kind of comfort, Taobao customers not imagination of random access code, put on one piece of picture and text to a the hyperlink can be solved, now customers can be said very picky, but also learned the knowledge to buy high quality and inexpensive goods, here to talk about my experience


a, select the goods

entered his guest page, carefully selected to promote goods, this should be learned, some businesses in order to get their passion to Amoy, the Commission is very high, but the disadvantages of turnover is low, why? Some businesses is the use of Amoy free promotion, brings its own flow, price is very high, and finally to the customer another shop, escape payment of commission. Note: "give me a customer to reflect, more than once to reflect" this point I want to say to the manager, integrity first, so that you will slowly out to earn a commission is not afraid to pick us, reliability and demonstration of goods with time because you once every pay! Commissions are recorded, of course, a record high is our preferred

, ha ha!

two, when choosing a good commodity

will study on many commodities, whether it is worth us for a long time, because it will waste our time drawing (for their own web applications), understand the product, some businesses are very lazy, baby description, advertisement, the speech is not a baby, although very good, the price is reasonable, lucrative commissions. The same business can be said to be the candidate, I think this is because, almost all my blog promotion, for example twenty-first Century to my baby leading mobile phone to explain to customers, to attract customers to buy it! But most of the content is from the baby description, otherwise he can beat you! I can see the Amoy station under reference.

three, pick finished

when the commodity has successfully passed their customs, finish your goods all information and Taobao customer program, and finally, good scrutiny of advertisements, on display, advertising in a responsible position right! In every post keywords to add connection, not get promotion.

four, regular update rotation

added to the corresponding location of the site to promote, so that it will really show to you, take a regular replacement, in order to grasp the latest market trends and active your website content. So the customer will inadvertently buy your guest products, get the commission.

five, regular inspection

regularly check the merchant’s products, shops and other related information, do not let your promotion is a blank. The unqualified timely replacement, for those who are not honest businesses, the website can be declared, warned Amoy friends, don’t walk also strayed into the rugged. Of course, a good business should also notice ah, so that we can have the momentum of the promotion, earned >