Luxury will become the next Taobao competing cake


first look at a data: the World Luxury Association data released in June, China visitors last year to buy luxury goods in Europe amounted to $50 billion, in June 15th, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said that China will further reduce import tariffs, including tariffs in high-grade goods, the relevant government departments have reached a consensus on this. World Luxury Association released the 2011 global market report predicts that in 2012 China’s luxury market will reach more than $14 billion 600 million, ranking first in the world’s luxury consumers. Most well-known luxury brands in Europe and the United States will shift the focus of investment in china.

then we take a look at some recent luxury online shopping to get the venture capital competition:

1, still product network access to financing $50 million

2, Huaping $100 million capital network serves

3, have won the Cape of Good Hope huge statue of venture capital, to build luxury one-stop shopping platform

4, the recent joint policy empey A5 Adsense nets, Taobao alliance inroads into the grassroots focus, carry out 2 months of Taobao off contest, a bonus of up to million yuan.

everyone in the choice of products will have a question, choose what products? How to choose the product?

Taobao customers who choose the product from the following aspects:

1, such as a single product profits — get the Commission will be relatively high, but profits products, the Commission will also set the shopkeeper relatively high

2, the intensity of competition — the words, in fact we are doing, how to choose the Taobao personal guest, as we do when the site optimization keyword analysis, is the choice of hot words or choose the precise words of

3, Taobao treasurer strength and to Taobao customers long-term support, also is the treasurer of products in the market is in rapid growth, don’t wait for us to do a website, flow after the dispensers are closed down, but the cup.

4, breast, beauty, slimming, health care products has been the Taobao customer priority, but because these have been mature, after Taobao blocked Baidu spider, ruthless smashing advertising for Taobao to flow, the other part is on the third side of the traffic flow, such as Taobao, the Taobao customer competition or in the us here the main Baidu keyword optimization, the main competitive keyword either Baidu or gogole, or have been occupied, then we are difficult to squeeze in, why not go to the optimization of a now is not difficult, the future will be difficult words? Now luxury limelight Masamori, we also consider Taobao off and this is one reason why I watched the zern leather shoes and A5 do Taobao customer contest.

5, by the way: from 2005 to 2009 to do Taobao everyone will feel better to do, and now we do Taobao, not not >