mpression notes CEO change the world is the original intention of all entrepreneurial innovation


reporter Huang Kai Shanghai reported

in the world one of the most innovative company Evernote (Evernote) CEO Phil · (Phil Libin); Libin eyes, Evernote not only to do a hundred companies, but also to do a hundred startups — always have the ability to innovate, and to make quick decisions.

, founded in 2007, is located in Silicon Valley, the world’s largest cloud notes company, launched the world’s most popular notebook software aimed at the global knowledge workers". Currently, the total number of users of Evernote’s application has exceeded 100 million, and financing $250 million.

and the company is also known as the new leader of Silicon Valley business Phil Libin’s third venture. "For the third time, we feel like we’re going to set up a company that we want to run, to do something really classic." Phil Libin in an exclusive interview with this newspaper, told me: "if you want to let something into your life career, then go all the way to the black."

despite the three venture, Phil Libin is still full of vitality and enthusiasm. He tried to convince employees that what they did was a thing that changed the world. Create a product that you love, and you might get a response from 100 million people around the world. Only in this way, employees will feel that every day’s work is meaningful, the company can always maintain the entrepreneurial atmosphere."

in the field of technology companies today, no one seems to have more merit than Phil Libin. He advocates that managers within the company recruit better than their subordinates, and then fully empower them to do what they are interested in. And Phil Libin himself, more like a resource integrator, the staff of good ideas in tandem, the formation of new products or technology.

, the creator of the cloud notes Empire, is weaving a new world on the cloud.

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"twenty-first Century": at present, Evernote’s main business model is free of charge for ordinary users, advanced user fees. Do you think this is a sustainable business model, or have you ever thought about developing a new business model?

Phil Libin: at present, our company’s revenue sources are three categories, one is the senior version of the account of the paid income, the income of the enterprise version of the account is paid, the third category is the sale of hardware products. I hope these three revenues will eventually account for 1/3.

I like this model, because it’s very direct. Many companies have adopted a non direct business model, they do not earn income from the user, but through advertising and alliance partners to generate revenue. Doing so will increase