The experience of making money online for new people

I am a college graduate, I believe many people like me, who want to make money in college will go to the network. The Internet is a big stage. We walked in. With an eager heart. Hope to achieve. But in many cases, we found that the network. We novice helpless. Let me tell you about my new road. Want to be able to give the network at the loss of brothers who can bring some inspiration.

I first entered is a Wangzhuan group. However, they said that I could earn 300. Very impulsive. On the day of the newspaper, make 300 although later learned that in fact most Wangzhuan is a lie group. Under training. Introduction of the project signs, in fact, is to sell space, or is a direct lie. But at that time I was not clear, a new continent was discovered. The brain is very hot, and took part in the. Also can not sleep at night, think of the day to earn 300 of the excitement seems to have been the same. But after the discovery, in fact, not as imagined. Some projects do make money, but for beginners. If it’s not an outdated project, it shouldn’t work now. Or at this stage, the novice can not do. Finally busy for a long time to find a day but also a few dollars, up to less than 10 yuan. This fee costs are not even. Let alone make money.

but I feel the team is quite good, it is worth mentioning that the "rich man, I have to " most people say that they lied to you. But I don’t think so. Although other group executives. After pay, ask them if not, but each time the rich man asked every time. I also explained a lot, although not earn any money, but at least he taught me a lot of network knowledge. It took me to Wangzhuan road. Give me a new way of thinking. In fact, this is so simple, if you can earn 9000 yuan a month, who will tell others, already own steal do, since it is said that it is outdated, and now has been unable to achieve a good. Besides, a job with a steady income of 9000. Do you think it’s 300?.

has a very good example, someone told us. Click to sell this software to sell a goo, download and use, can give 1 yuan. In this way, you rely on QQ mass, for IP download and other networks often make the way to do, at least 20 a day. If you are not too tired, download a IP tool for yourself, change 20 times will not take long, you can also download enough 20 times, even if you call a friend to help you, you can do it, but we do it, search, just click the official had earlier goo stop this promotion. Think of such a project. Do make money. But is it possible for a novice to find it?

so, Wangzhuan this road, or to stabilize their own state of mind, don’t mind overheating, to recognize the truth of the matter, then, I saw a teacher’s ideas, with SEO development, which brings great impact to me. Since you know how to leave, the day earned 500 should be >