Play make nternet advertisement will assess the accounts to win

at the beginning of the year, almost all of the Monitoring Research Institute said, 2007 to a variety of online advertising and package a heap block, has more than 10 billion yuan.

one day sitting in a five or six years as one day purely by pulling the network advertisement, spelling performance, the Commission of a well-known Internet media Sales driving the import car, I suddenly asked a sentence without rhyme or reason: "you say, this 10 billion, give people earn much?" the other replied simply. "This is what the Qing, but a son trading paradisexiaobai"

old people can be said: the poor do not eat flowers, not poor, calculated not to spend money will be poor! It is easy to count out, if you don’t want to be a child to earn or to earn the hard calculation or calculations clearly.

will be calculated to win


network advertising effect can be objective and accurate monitoring" has been the Internet advertising Sales to convince advertisers boldly hit the money on a computer screen, one of the most common reasons and excuses, most of the time is actually a muddled account.

without exception, after each advertiser network advertisement end can be a big stack of beautifully bound is called "effect monitoring report" column full detailed data, painted with complex advertising exposure chart: how, how many hits, the residence time is long long, the registration number of tens of thousands of comments. A few a few……… All kinds of data.

looked at these complex data and the changing curves, reckon many market personnel have been said "this is my money to do Internet advertising the most wanted?"


is not clear about the network advertising monitoring data also detail to what extent, I have only 8888 QQ above the torch of the 8888 routes to 1%, made out of the digital multiplication was shocked, not when the QQ landed the Olympic countdown and LOADING process to force or seduce you see it for several seconds. The audience is behind the huge digital is of course to QQ sales advertising costs an astronomical figure, to see the coke is behind the door.

build evaluation system who earn

about three years ago, I in the international industry, are said to be unique influence of digital advertising multinational forum annual meeting to evaluate effect of network advertisement thematic salon once said: "in the Chinese talk a lot of nonsense, advertising is generally done to three people, one is for the consumer to see is two; do your home (dealers); three is for his boss……" (now pondering, put aside the dirty thoughts, it is also somewhat similar to the current all the most fashionable and talked about using demassification marketing truth.


Standers-by see more than gamesters. The advertising company as a waiter, "analysis of the needs and goals of" refining advertising network that’s bounden responsibility. First of all, be sure to ask, "what do you want?"