Use advertising to break the traditional content to make big money

first of all, this is my first time to write such an article, but some small ideas, and would like to share with you, so that we understand the small site traffic is small, as long as the positioning is still so easy to make money!

now local information station is popular, but it is not difficult to find information or even chaos and today’s advertising not fit to be seen, but is less and less! Website on the content, good! May let you thought not, not only is the text resources, it can also be in advertising as advertising content! Maybe we will find is garbage, no real things no one can visit! When you accurate positioning, advertising has centralized, unified after things become different! This is my a network of shops recently, is new is not very complete! You will find, to spread the picture as the information display, instead of text information before the information station, will be more convenient and better benefit! Every one of these pictures exactly is an ad, we lower advertising costs, coupled with good service. The door for the shops take pictures, also fear no one? To advertising as a content with good service, without the need for a big traffic still paid! And for the transfer of shops, rental shops who can get a picture of the opportunity to show, the price is cheaper than in some newspapers, why not for


some small ads, often when we are systematic, holistic, plus hi service, it also can make the content of the website, the content is not only sometimes we provide, is a better platform! And for those eager to sell the businesses, they pay more attention to the effect! IP high flow out must be very good, but how effective flow, and I like this website, it can flow is not high, are useful to traffic, mostly to purchase shops and transfer shops, plus the picture directly, the effect is not to mention


sites like this, can also do a lot of other types, you can own creative! Here just want to tell you, on site can change a kind of angle, not only the large flow of the station to the site to make money, a good location, good money mode, the advertising content can also be used to make money


station is also inspired by a successful brother under construction, his stand not to reveal, is this kind of mode, now only two business photography, net income of a month has tens of thousands of!! the station source, the whole sale! Interested parties can contact QQ376149469 welcome to patronize me the station, there were many columns not built, is being prepared.

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