Wangzhuan what are the low cost of venture project

when you decide to invest time to shop business, only a small amount of limited funds, how to choose a good project to the small business with a small capital investment? What are the shop, low cost

venture project?

low cost entrepreneurial project: double Taobao

double Taobao passenger is the rise in March 2012, the new Taobao passenger dual items to make money, not only to promote the general merchandise like Taobao to get a commission of goods, you can also get a certain amount of commission through the promotion agent. Any two people to join Taobao customers will become the project agents, agents will have become a rebate mall. The entire site to build a key generation, the platform for life upgrades, agents enjoy life after sale, more projects later.

development model

, building a common Taobao mall guest need to use space, domain name, Amoy mall program, is quite difficult for non professionals, and two-way Taobao customers can solve the problem, Taobao will immediately join two passengers have a Taobao merchants City, only in the shopping mall is simple the name of the mall mall, and other necessary parameters can be used, in addition, shopping mall and some other advanced features, for example, to replace the template, replace the product pages, binding domain (a domain name or two domain names), add merchandise, mall optimization etc..

two, any two-way Taobao passenger will become the agent of the project, if the introduction of other people to join the two-way Taobao passengers will get a certain amount of revenue, and ordinary Taobao customers do not have this feature.

three, Taobao double guest website is a rebate website, instead of the traditional Taobao off function, at the same time have opened after an agent Taobao mall site guest and agency authority, can promote the mall site to earn commissions; can also be used to help others open proxy agent to sell this kind of website to earn high profits.

rebate mall

1, simple, convenient, fast, stupid money making model;

2, multi-channel money mode, novice easy to get started. Taobao can do not only to obtain income, but also recruit agents to obtain high commission;

3, is in the initial stage, the competition is small, the market potential is huge;

4, low cost, zero risk, no financial pressure, no follow-up costs;

5, technical requirements are not high, completely fool type operation, technical protection;

6, regular, stable, long-term, relying on large-scale network platform Taobao alliance cooperation, ease of operation;

7, full-time, part-time, can not affect the normal work and study;

8, profiteering, recharge software has greater market prospects, more profits;

9, novice open shop, no need to pay $1000 margin;

money principle

double Taobao guest just began to be named double