Website promotion ten

1 do not make the home page falsh

real search engine recognition ability on the picture is very poor, home made of flash, not only conducive to search engine rankings, but also slow down the speed to enter the home page, to a certain extent for your customers as soon as possible to find you and set up a small obstacle.

2 do not take a picture with navigation,

3 do not use a lot of pictures composed of home page.

4 not to do the so-called universal web site, it is used to understand the network of people cheat.

5 do not believe that the network company’s commitment to your sales.

if you are the boss of the company or person in charge, you will hear a lot of business personnel, in order to allow you to make a promotion, it will give you some unrealistic promises, such as promotion in hand, do not worry about sales, today made the promotion, you will be able to bring hundreds of thousands of sales sometimes, we say to you, the customer a year after sales promotion in millions. These are the promotion of credit? The probability of such a large, 1% or 1/1000?

6 don’t be fooled by cheap junk information service.

very value white said, the search is not a search engine, because there is no traffic, many personal site traffic will be much bigger than him, the key technical problem has not been a good solution.

7 not to do after the first page advertisement.

8 don’t expect to use spam to promote your website.