Mao shares through a single page to do Google Adsense experience

hair is 08 years to start learning to do a single page, earn Google Adsense, up to now I have a few of those single page, a few words a day to contribute, Mao Tsai to do a little bit of experience to share a single page.

1. A single page to do a keyword, page title, description, which contains the key words and related to the long tail word

2. Single page traffic from the search engine domain name weight, in order to get a good ranking in the search engine, the weight of the domain name is the most important


is a new domain name, the domain name that should be included in the keywords, Maozai like domain name weight in the weight of the site as a whole which accounted for is very high, the website construction can be said to be the highest.

At that time many people do

9ku (to) the words (now there are still a lot of people do), so when it applied for a domain name, web site, Baidu included 9ku, the word ranking is very good. So the number of keywords, or the number of key words are more likely to be included in the application of the new domain name, the weight of a single page to do faster. 08 years when the CN domain name of a $1, so apply for a lot of such a domain name to do a single page, but CN domain name is now almost all the money spent.

if it is the old domain name, and does not contain keywords, or to the chain. With a large number of outside the chain, the ranking will rise quickly, and more durable.

there is a way to build a directory with the keywords in the high weight website, the single page inside, outside the chain to Baidu included, as long as your site weight is relatively good, the directory of your ranking will be very good. There are many webmaster friends, your site is good, PR is relatively high, is not to earn money, consider this approach, at least to earn their own Internet fee into the problem.

3. "To do as much as possible and beautiful, the top of the page a few words not to engage in the kind of white background, and then several Google multi way of advertising, users can see is rubbish", directly off the web page design to leave, some beautiful, with pictures, background and so on, look professional, will attract the attention of users. The others have some advertising opportunities

4. "To have relevant content about the keywords marked text, pictures, but also do some false links up, copyright information and so on are made, to others a look like a web site’s home page.

5. Since it is a single page, so we should try to improve Google Adsense hits, Maozai experience is, as far as possible to the advertising and website fusion, fusion is advertising background and website background to be consistent, the location of the advertisement to occupy the main position on the page to browse the web page, people have a little bit of the advertising as web content misunderstanding; also put ads, let others have.