Shop decoration Division 500 thousand into the year of physical activity

/ morning news reporter Guan Jian

80, 500 thousand, and 14 hours, these figures simply sketched out the image of a shop renovation Division: born in 1983, by selling a year to sell the template income of $500 thousand, working more than 14 hours a day.

now, the rapid development of online shopping for both of the "shopping environment" of the increasingly high demand, such as shop also need to store as well a renovation in order to win the eye margin, shop decoration Division came into being.

Entrance promotion

has the visual impact of the shop signs and convenient goods screening function, eye-catching, consumers visually see these details behind, together with the results of shop decoration Division of labor, and this group also proved that the working state of the Internet Denver, full of infinite possibilities, there is also no tradition in the field of trouble for example, a "small" harassment and deception, enough to keep you busy for a white.

development template sold to the owner of Taobao

9 pm, Xuhui District Hua Jing Road a commercial venture park two floor of the house, the lights. While Shi Yonglei waited to eat instant noodles, staring at the computer screen, thinking of a shop decoration color. He is a senior shop decoration Division, 200G of hard disk space is filled with material, design sketches and finished products.

"the background color is too thick, the goods are not prominent, not." He opened a food shop details page, the side of the partner Liu Zhenxing and Liang Jiao said. Visual design, user experience, background programming, these three after 80 clear division of labor, jointly developed a variety of decoration shop templates, and then sold to the owner of Taobao.

with the rapid development of online shopping, the seller pays attention to more and more shops in the visual effect and user experience, such as the impact of the shop strokes, convenient goods screening function, in order to allow buyers to stay for a while, stimulate impulse buying. This is like the physical store, how the decoration is both pleasant and full of personality, the owner of the needs of the birth of the shop decoration Division of this group.

Liu Zhenxing’s three team is Taobao, the seller’s renovation market in the certification of decoration Division, they are currently being introduced in the decoration template has a variety of more than 20, the total number of users nearly ten thousand people. At present, their best seller is a kind of decoration template for women, cleverly add baby share function, for the understanding of customer purchase preference, from June 30th this year so far has been more than and 700 stores to buy. In order to calculate the price of 328 yuan, which rely on a set of templates for two months already accounted for 230 thousand yuan.

"a year’s income is almost 1 million 500 thousand, and three points." A member of the team, 29 year old Liu Zhenxing Shaanxi face calmly told reporters that this is the deduction of 30% platform commission after the annual income. According to regulations, settled in the seller’s decoration market, the real name authentication designer, each selling a set of templates revenue, Taobao and they were divided into 37.