Homemade men’s brand college students to open a shop to earn millions

Zhou fan and his merchandise

Zhou fan

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business daily trainee reporter intern Feng Zhang Kai

Daren resume Zhou sail

in September 2009 from Hangzhou to the University of

in November 2010 founded its own Taobao men’s shop

April 2011 men’s brand into the Tmall mall

August 2012 Taobao shop rushed to four diamond

now the network of clothing trade has entered the 3 era, the original rely on acting, selling version of the seller started sooner or later to create their own brand transformation." Zhou Fan said that he wants to do is not the product, but the business model. Zhou Fan is a senior at Chongqing University of Science and Technology, now business less than two years, he was on the Taobao mall brand menswear flagship store has been rushed to the 4 drill, favorable rate reached 99.01%, the average daily sales of more than 40 pieces of clothing, the annual turnover of more than 120 yuan.

mode: re design of popular men’s

yesterday, the Chinese commercial news reporters saw Zhou fan, he was working in his own university city rented an online chat with customers. "We are engaged in the sale of a limited spike, which is one of the jeans, the original price of 168 yuan of goods, as long as the current price of $69. This pair of jeans sold very well, only to sell more than and 50 pieces in the morning." Zhou Fan told reporters.

said Taobao is now the Red Sea, but in fact, it is just a lot of people did not pinpoint the location." Zhou Fan told reporters, "at present, most of the men’s shop online is mainly divided into two categories, one is free from all kinds of brand clothing wholesale market Amoy, take the amount at a low price and version; the other is a brand clothing agent, by post or brand profit rebate. What we do is another model, creating a brand." Zhou Fan said.

Zhou Fan told reporters that they registered their men’s clothing brand, through the design of a special clothing designer clothing, patterns and other designs, after the OEM manufacturers, the use of network channels to take goods.

the advantages of this model where Zhou fan replied: "unique products, low cost. In the clothing design, we do not take the form of original, but through the collection of Taobao’s best-selling dozens of men’s version, then a tender in the form of contract to the designer in the form of fine clothing design; production, we get the goods by batch form send orders directly to the garment factory."

"compared with big brands, we have better flexibility than they do." Zhou Fan told reporters, "every week, we will continue to