f ‘m a hacker, how can make money

      hackers are currently making money is the way, black site trojan. But the black fast, was found too fast, and the fall of infamy, even by the network tracing. At present, a lot of hacker behavior is the reason for college students. Finally, was detained on it, then.
    today is not much time, I start a head.
  hackers can earn a lot of money. Like the panda like Li Jun, millions of computer control, if not to put up a pageantry panda virus. But will be someone else’s computer, a week or so out of a web site, millions of IP, adhere to a year, more than hao123 is easy, if the page and then fine, people are completely unintentional. Do not lock ie, no home page. Chronic utilization.
    smaller hackers. Others can be linked to the appropriate increase in their own 1-2 links, the appropriate increase in the text of the 1-2 links. God does not know, ghosts do not feel, and quickly put their own web site weight, does not affect other people’s Web site, who will not care, and so on their web site up, still can make money.
  or with some of the procedures, the sale of some small procedures, tools. These people are not affected by the impact of great. Also alleviate their guilt.
      in the exhaust of a person’s page, plus a small ad, do not affect other people’s vision. It’s a little more than a horse.
    hackers and Trojans, like drug trafficking and the underworld, once you get involved, whether you are a real skill, or real skills. When you go in, you will be confused by the wealth and the desire to possess. Lost their source of power.
    aware of a lot of hackers, because of the smart and into the line, because the lazy and desperate, repeated in the constant attention.
when they fall under the guard in tears of regret, or one day of conscience, I realized that it does not create wealth, but has been in the interpretation of a hacker with their ideal career draw further apart.
    if the hacker can not turn back early, when the profit has become the past, and was hunted everywhere, not