The two dealers of domain name L’s entrepreneurial story

when it comes to business, certainly a lot of people eyes open company sell picture, but with the development of times, especially the rapid development of the Internet, at present, many entrepreneurs have not the kind of picture you see the same, perhaps at home can now entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial way everywhere, and everywhere.

I am L, because I like the "death note", most of the time for convenience and confidentiality are used as L code. I am engaged in the Internet industry, is a professional domain name two traffickers.

would like to tell you my own story, which may make you feel a little fake, but it’s true.

I was a civil servant, is responsible for the official website of the official website update and maintenance. Some years ago, maybe five or six years, see some Chinese city domain name was registered or buy back, I think if you can catch up with the times, may make a small allowance. The idea to the daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law also agreed. Father is a self-employed selling computer, although it is self-employed, but to do the business license of the enterprise, and then put the address information of what are anchored in his.

to solve these problems, the following is where to find the domain name resources, the original intention to register their own, the results have been a lot of people registered. Transfer only to find other sites, compared to several large domain trading site, eventually decided to choose the resources in the A5 Adsense nets to tell the truth, because their customer service is very patient to tell me the detailed steps and security domain name transaction, before choosing this.

and I both a wife at a very cheap price to buy 9 names, all of them are 3, 4 of the site, in addition to spend all deposit wedding gifts. His wife always support my point of view, put the money in the bank, will not change much, only with money, so this is very strongly support I do this thing, and we didn’t have kids, and I was a civil servant, the pressure of life is relatively small.

just cover the domain name, and in Baidu, Post Bar, such as skyline forum meaning with the 9 domain name speculation campaign. About half the time to buy, I the domain name in A5 medium hung, let the customer to help me sell, also do not need to charge. Probably hung up a few days, on the purchase price of more than 3 times to sell one, when I and my wife also opened a bottle of wine to celebrate special. From then on I really became the domain name of the two dealers.

some friends have to learn to make money my way, to tell the truth, it is not advertising, I recommend to them to the A5 trading platform to see, because I am a profit from the other, I didn’t go to the website domain name transaction transaction, so people don’t dare to push into gehenna.

in the first spring festival of domain name speculation, earn a lot, to his wife bought Sagitar, when the Spring Festival at home very happy staying-up late on new year’s Eve, his wife said to me, I support your domain name investment deal appears to be correct, then select > like