River of the road (six)

has not become the practice in Nanjing decoration industry, that is the decoration company project manager love penalty, depending on the daily expenses of fine overhead, site health is not good in site 300 penalty, penalty 200, a live penalty out 1000 block, this management method can let workers hell-bent follow you I don’t believe;

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workers a penalty, the site for the health although I also tube, but does not take this move, but do not rely on this fine to increase income for workers, negligence in quality, my punishment is severe, it will give workers a downgrade, it is not a big project to arrange for him. A live, always moving down the site that will always live like people do, if it is not changed, it is no longer to live, because my salary to happy, not ugly, live on the ground, so many workers are particularly concerned about this little heart, this is a fine human nature. The effect is better.


(they used to carry, we used to hold.


large area maintenance workers, I basically do not allow them to bear the cost, the first half of this year, Ge Fang Yuan site because the wall is cement new mortar, drying time, directly putty paint brush, resulting in a wall of the room there were a lot of cracks, because the owners have admitted, so the repair is very difficult to achieve, no way I will give them from new wallpaper paste.

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workers of this approach is to punish his obligations to the site to monitor the wallpaper; five years ago, our team was founded before the experience, the direct use of wall putty putty powder group, resulting in some engineering wall putty layer off, I did not let people pay the original works of these problems come out, but I spend thousands from new remove from the new paint, punishment is also compulsory supervision.

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from all aspects will pay attention to the relationship of the worker, every new year is not my home to workers is that they come to visit my family, with my long master and I walk, I will have something who suifenzi; Zhao master’s daughter also recognized me as godfather. To the site to catch up with them I am not polite to eat, sit down and eat; if the master did not talk to me for a long time, I would like to make a phone call in the past to find him bragging.

is because I treat these good skills of the master, they lead me to do so willingly for so many years, it led to the river level decoration team in the industry famous.

we often do some European, Mediterranean style decoration, offer finished, owners usually compare the prices everywhere, that Hyde Acropolis owner Mr. Sun told me that he had prepared the picture and quote for a decoration company to do the quotation, the company directly pushed, said below. The workers simply can not do it like other, they don’t even know what it is called, will only make things straight. How many people ask me on the Internet, said their home workers won’t do brick cabinet, q)