Google Adwords how to save money series one to create a high quality target page

We use

Google Adwords for our purposes is to make money, but look at the advertisement fee every day to spend it, but our order but did not increase, the heart hurts ah, here I’d like to introduce a method to improve the conversion rate, is to improve our web site quality score.

Google Adwords quality score, everyone should know, we do not want to increase in our budget, we can change the quality of the target web site US "quality score to get good overall quality score. Our web page quality score is high, it will improve the quality of our keywords, and so on, we’ll look at our way to save money.

The three elements of

to build a high quality website are:

1 content must be original, and advertising and related

2 transparent

3 enables users to quickly find information about your ad

first, original content is the most easy to search engine included, which we should all know ^_^, but not illegal!, but if we only have the original site is not enough, and we also set up in the Google Adwords in advertising has correlation, never trying to sell the dog, so no benefits for providing quality score page.

, for example, if we sell the Johnson lenses, and we set up the Johnson keyword invisible glasses, so what is the best way we? Is the link to our Johnson contacts page, rather than a link to the home page. You can compare, to do so, your quality score will not increase. Quality score increases, you can save money. ^_^, I wish you good luck.

second, let us look at the transparency, transparency is how to make customers more with your website, believe you provide services or products, only the customer trust you, can buy your product or service, so that the money will be in your pocket, so the conversion rate is high, you can also save money, originally, 100 dollars can bring $200 profit, now has 300 pieces of profit, you are not going to steal joy. Here we look at:

1 if you are a business, then be sure to provide your business information. Define the type of business or specific business, to copy a scan of your transfer to the enterprise website, provide your company’s address, telephone contact; if you are a person, you should play according to your personal credibility on the network.

2  if you have a promotional ad in the words, we must honor your preferences, otherwise the customer will have the feeling of being cheated, it may never come again.