Some experience about guest template changes summary

is now more and more people began to do their own guest website to earn pocket money, but now the website promotion more and more difficult, in addition to SEO optimization we all know, outside the chain, improve the site included and weight, there is also a more important factor is the website template. Now the same guest program the same template, the same program. You know, a good template can also improve the site’s collection as well as to provide users with a better experience in order to retain users. For the template changes, a lot of friends do not know where to start, I do not know how to change, today to share my experience in modifying the template.

is the first, as a site owner, you should know the most basic HTML syntax, CSS syntax and common usage. If these are not very clear, you can first look at Baidu, there is a certain understanding later try to modify the template. If you don’t even bother to go to Baidu, it’s not necessary.

secondly, the preparation of tools. Here I recommend a software Notepad++, this software supports almost all the code format, and can be very intuitive to understand the level of the code, is a good tool to modify. As shown below:


then have some understanding of the tools and knowledge, can not begin to modify the template here? Let me in a long winded, in addition to the tools ready, for you will have to modify the template of a certain understanding, to have an understanding of the structure of your program, to what is the template file, modify the file, and you need to prepare a website, you feel very good template for transplant or modify. After these conveniences are ready, we’ll start modifying the template.

Here we take

PHP application architecture guest program as an example (before modifying the most you can build a PHP environment, in the local test for


, for example, I want to talk about the parts shown in the picture to my own website.


the first step to find the template template file, I am here is index.tpl, which is the home page template file. Where is the CSS file for the template call?

we see this template file on the upper part of this code

this tells us that the template calls the CSS file in the style directory of your site. Find the test.css file and open it with notepad++. The first step is done.

the second step, find the corresponding part of the map corresponding to the class name, the name of the class in the home page to find the template file, >