Online education a new minimally invasive grassroots how revenue in YY on billions of dollars


a YY on how grassroots revenue in the billions of dollars

is a wonderful work of grass root venture in YY, because the school can not read, he set up a school, the first of the course fee is only 10 yuan this year, is said to be 1 billion.

the grass root barbaric growth story is also very down to earth, micro Innovation:

1, online education user experience micro innovation. The traditional education mode of dull and boring, Xing Shuai solution is to require teachers team in the teaching mode, content of each aspects of humor, down to earth, not only the teaching process without time limit, the online answer teachers up to 10 hours a day.

2, the key point of operation is the teacher. In order to stimulate the content and quality of the teacher, Xing Shuai spent a lot of money on the teacher’s salary, plus income sharing, some excellent teacher’s annual salary of up to 100 to 2 million.

3, grass root users also have the right to vote. In order to fix grass root, let the teacher civilians, grass root, and the rights to the students, the students pay the fee has the right to the teacher after class, we in order to solve the problem of the teaching quality.

grass root world, but also need the new minimally invasive barbaric growth. Who has been in this class?.

= grass root counter attack line ===

source: Forbes Chinese network room Xu

can not read the University and was dropped out, let go cornered Xing Shuai entrepreneurial road. "I can’t afford to go to school, and I’m going to run a school for everyone to learn a skill with the least amount of money. That’s my dream." Xing Shuai their pioneering experiences summary for the grass root: sad.

Xing Shuai college was founded in 2008, plans to provide various types of employment oriented skills, research training. The reason for this name, because at that time only one person Xing xing. The only teacher, the only course, 10 yuan of tuition fees, 2008 Xing Shuai network college admissions of 300 people.

2009, YY hot let all speed, Xing Xing pry into the great prospects of Internet teaching. This is the birth of a YY on the sound of trainees will develop to 60 million of online skills training schools.

2010, Xing Shuai substantial expansion of teaching subjects, including Flash, illustrator, 3Dmax, C4D, Auto, CAD and other disciplines and skills training; the number of teachers in 2012 will increase to 100, the course price exceeded 1000 yuan, the cumulative premium of more than 150 thousand; in 2013, Xing Shuai College Network to get A round of financing, expected revenue of 1 to 150 million.

Xing Shuai of School of network education in the current development speed is very satisfied, "we are a bunch of grass root in doing things, many people think that we do not have, as Mr Zhou Hongyi said.