Liu Qiangdong the creation of the inverted triangle development model of Jingdong

we have seen in the traditional sense of the triangle, we in the triangle is a more stable shape, and an inverted triangle is not stable. However, in the process of entrepreneurship, the triangle and the triangle is the two models are completely different. The foundation is focusing on a robust triangle pattern, facilities and good culture system to allow the company to continue to rise; and the inverted triangle we are very rare, but as a business tycoon, Jingdong Chairman Mr. Liu Qiangdong has its own set of inverted triangle mode of development, we will introduce the giant behind the story:

the most low-end of the inverted triangle – focus on the development of team building

is the daughter of easy to get good, hard to find. As a driving force for the development of the company and the cornerstone of a more talented and good cultural system of the team is very important. We all know that now is not a person can rely on the ability to turn the tide, we must rely on a hundred responses to a single call of the times, the strength of the team to do what we want to do business, so as to realize our dream of entrepreneurship.

as the most low-end of the inverted triangle, the triangle is the root, and make it strong enough to force, so as to let yourself quickly into the market, participate in market competition, so as to have a space for one person.


inverted triangle second layers – supervision and improvement of financial system

our business is for what? For your dream, for life, in order to change the destiny, but if you do not make money, so that the vast majority of people are not going to choose entrepreneurship, while financial power is able to make a normal operation of the company, the normal development, if the financial system is a problem, then we will start faced with failure.

people-oriented, coupled with a strong financial system, then we have to start a business is basically a sound stage of development, that is, the development of our business management stage.

inverted triangle third layers — Introduction and implementation of information system

in the modern market competition, relying solely on manpower is not enough. Now society, time and efficiency is the fundamental point of the development of our business, only a good grasp of time, so that the development of efficient, then our business is healthy. Therefore, the establishment of information system is imperative.

as the inverted triangle of the third layer, the information system can make our business can follow the rhythm of the times, so that the sharing of resources and information technology to promote the continuous development of our cause.


inverted triangle of the top – cost, reputation, service

I think Jingdong has been able to succeed, the key is that it’s the highest level, in the highest level, Liu Qiangdong only three aspects: cost, reputation, service, and these are precisely the