No site can also make money

Even in the case of the Internet is not booming, some people do not technology, not even the site, but also a few thousand dollars a month or even tens of thousands.

The main form of

by union money is a simple, fast way to make money. Through the alliance to help companies make money like the sale of commodities, as long as you bring other customers, you don’t need to do, do not need to sales staff, do not need logistics, do not need to save, what are not, do not even need a website will be able to make money.

here to talk about how to choose the advertisers:

1, DHC ad. DHC is Japan’s cosmetics, and now with the alliance are using CPA billing, the user is generally free to apply for a DHC trial installation, the site owner to pay about $5 or so. According to my experience, this form of advertising is relatively easy to make money. The first is a free application, users do not need to pay, there is an application to 5 dollars.

2, Dell advertisers, this is also the way to take the CPA to pay, the user to pay to pay Dell laptop, depending on the type of payment ratio of about 200-360. Due to the purchase of Dell notebook user group is not as large as the application of free DHC, so this ad is more suitable for the use of search engine optimization approach to promote (SEO). It was found that the average day of the search engine can be a day to sell a laptop, a month is very easy to earn eight thousand or nine thousand dollars (in Baidu search "Dell notebook monopoly" look to know)

3, excellent network, dangdang. These two advertisers are taking the integration of the CPS, the user is generally through your promotional links to excellence network, Dangdang shopping. The League will be divided according to a certain proportion. Most of these two advertisers are divided into 12% according to the product, assuming that visitors through your promotional links to buy $100 of goods, you can get 12.