The father said PHS PHS

The father of China PHS

the 1970 graduate of Nanjing College of Posts and Telecommunications, during the 1997 served as secretary of Yuhang Telecom Bureau, succeeded in PHS technology grafted to the fixed telephone network, China’s Telecom existing fixed telephone network "of the old tree made a sprout". It is the application of advanced technology to produce advanced productivity, reduce the cost, to provide quality and cheap service for the vast number of consumers, facing the growth point of the fixed network equipment with fading channel "second youth" for enterprises to find new business, become a revolution to the traditional telecom industry, and from the start China PHS market.

in the reception yibobo to Yuhang to learn at the same time, he was frequently invited to lecture to go around, experiences, retiring Xu Fuxin bite resigned from the director of Yuhang Telecommunication Bureau office, a heart flutter in the PHS development. After Xu Fuxin resigned from the job of chief as many foreign companies want to hire him over the Reds. But Xu Fuxin is aware that his roots in telecommunications, in his words, "I love my love of the telecommunications industry, PHS, the task now is to solve other problems of PHS call quality and technology, I believe that I can solve."

can foresee the application value of technology in production makes Xu Fuxin become fully deserve the PHS master. Xu Fuxin believes that in China’s telecommunications market has become increasingly open, the people of the "free to enjoy telecommunications services whenever and wherever possible," the strong demand of the situation, the fixed telephone operator if the solid conservative mode of operation, no study on the existing telephone network to the development of new technology and new business, so inevitable in the fierce the competition will be eliminated. For >