Sing CEO Chen Hua use the nternet to make money to play emotional card

sing CEO Chen Hua: use the Internet to make money to play emotional card

August 28th morning news, the Internet Conference in on August 26th -28 at the Beijing National Convention center. Sing CEO Chen Hua said in a speech, the Internet era of profit model should focus on emotional card".

Chen Hua believes that the mobile Internet is one of the larger Internet, but is not a superset subset. Its entrepreneurial threshold is lower, because the industry is more mature, many things will have other companies to help you do; team does not need a lot of people, two or three people may be able to make a good thing out.

Chen Hua appears in the mobile phone network and other equipment and human interaction, the future of all devices can be networked, can be mobile phone remote control; look around what devices can be networked, you can find new opportunities; see the future of the world should be what to do with today’s technology may be able to.

he believes that the mobile Internet era, the mass characteristics of the product are: simple operation, the use of a very low threshold, ordinary people can use to learn the product is very low; seize the key to solve the core needs, not the pursuit of large, a product to solve a core requirement; the pursuit of perfection, beyond user expectations.

for profit model, Chen Hua think should adhere to the free / low-cost + value-added payment mode, while playing emotional card. Not to sell the product, but the brand, feelings, sense of belonging, attention to user experience and participation". He said.

sing is a mobile phone application, is currently planning to enter the online KTV market. Chen Hua said, sing it has 170 million young users, dominated by women, have become famous dream; on the other hand, sing K master user habits and social relations, this is the advantage of doing line KTV.

"we want to do the standardization of chain operation, become the KTV industry ‘7 Days Inn’." Chen Hua said. (Yan Fei)

is the following Chen Hua speech:

Chen Hua: Hello, everyone. It’s about two years and 4 months from now on. A subset of the mobile Internet is not a superset of PC Internet but, mobile phone become everyone’s portable computer has become the body can not be stripped of the organ, the apple iPhone so that the elderly and young children are entitled to the use of computer and network rights, and mobile Internet business Internet but also much lower threshold relative to PC. I found last night I attended a gathering APP night, a bit like a few years ago the Internet climax feeling, huge crowds of people. Mobile Internet makes this industry more mature, many companies actually have a more professional company to help you do some other things, start-up companies as long as their core competitiveness. In addition, a team does not need too many people, so the lower threshold of mobile Internet entrepreneurs. This brings the whole opportunity for the entire mobile Internet is much larger than the PC Internet, but also