How to grasp the opportunity of PTC click station

novice for the birth of a new station should be how to operate today to talk about this issue?.

here refers to the new station refers to the PTC click on the station, in general, a new station from the birth to the collapse of the cycle is relatively short, and some even only 2, 3 weeks time. Do Wangzhuan novice will ask me, why, I did not pay what went bankrupt, this is not a liar. Obviously, in addition to the strength of the individual credit site is really survive PTC, like NEOBUX, PERFORMANCEBUX two is by far the most promising instant payment site; many other sites are relying on pre cheat Membership Upgrade, then pay a portion of the member, when reaches a certain amount, the boss will run away. The new station will be closed, this is part of the law too click site.

in the face of such a situation, how should we do it is to give up or insist on natural, if you want to earn some money on the PTC, then we must stick to it, and there is a way to do. Although the risk of doing PTC is relatively large, but the harvest is still relatively large units of time, in the face of the birth of new sites, newcomers must do a few points: first, seize the opportunity. The new station was born on the registration, and is to find the site’s recommended links to join the team to do this project. Second, adhere to the daily click. This is very important, because its survival time is short, so the new people every day must take the time to click on the station. Third, more attention to the home page of the notice. Log on to the site at least once a day, to learn the latest information, look at the strength of this new station, what the trend, these sites will be the first time announced to everyone. Do these three points if it went out of business in the short term, but we can also derive some income, because join the team to click on advertisements is relatively fast to pay, so people can get back.

recently there are many people find some new projects in other stations, recommend to the station, but rarely received site, recommend when looking for a new station to observe its homepage, like some rough design and not with and without the network bank beautiful site, it is best not to do usually, is a station, it is difficult to get the money.

The design of

Crunchingbaseteam and Golden-galaxy two new features are large, these can be seen from its content, is worth operating during a certain period of time.