Now is the best time to do up new Taobao customers

a, why not recommend before you do Taobao guest, and now recommend it?

small army: the timing of the problem. Taobao customer from emergence to the development to the peak of nearly a year, this year a lot of people earn a lot of money by Taobao customers, earn 100 thousand month, millions of expert meet the eye everywhere. This led them, Taobao seems to have become a gold mine, all people want to come in and try. We found that Taobao customers will find a lot of monthly income of 100 thousand is not a dream, the article. Also Taobao, Taobao also. Because of the large number of official or quasi webmaster webmaster influx of Taobao customers into a garbage factory, Baidu big and small Taobao shopping guide website dotted, spectacular.

nearly 2 months, Baidu finally could not endure, began to Taobao customers hands, a large number of Taobao guest website in Baidu died under the knife. They have accused of Baidu, abuse, desperation, had to leave the battlefield. In fact, this buy stocks with some similar, when the street selling Tomatoes on sticks aunt went to buy the stock, the stock reached its peak, the thrown away. At that time, when the stock market downturn? We can buy the dips……

I recommend this time to do the new Taobao guest, is the same starting point.

two, why do some people can make millions of millions of dollars in, and I can not even earn $100?

this is why millionaires and other charges Wangzhuan training class is not the same, not to let you do the project, but to begin learning basic knowledge. Not because I am not willing to teach you the real thing, on the contrary, is not willing to let you waste precious time to do meaningless work.

is not just Taobao off, in fact, many areas are like this, a project is good, not in how much money people earn, but whether you can control this project, become the industry leader. So, those who make 500, earn 10000 head of the project can see all need not to see, because the master can do it, but you can’t do that. But don’t be discouraged, from the basics, when you become the best in all the land of the sword, with a stick can also be defeated just to find those with thesword rookie.

As for the

promotion skills, have a lot of online tutorials, but remember, those who are open is not a secret, that is not what advantage, so I suggest that students start from the most basic means of orthodox SEO.

three, what type of Taobao site is easy to K?

after my observation, was Baidu K off the Taobao site generally have such two categories:

All the pages are

1, ZhengZhan dynamic link Taobao customers, not the content page. The simplest one reason, Baidu’s spider is unable to crawl Taobao’s internal web site, because Taobao blocked the Baidu, which we all know. In other words, all links are invalid for spiders