For beginner advice

heard that many people make money through the network can also see a lot of Wangzhuan websites said above, what what project let you earn hundreds of day, month earn thousands of what. Very excited, think do Wangzhuan can make a fortune. Even going to resign immediately, do Wangzhuan full-time. Here, I would like to give some advice to friends with this idea. (in fact, I had a similar idea)

network can not make money?. How much can earn? This varies from person to person. Some people earn millions a month, some people lose a lot. The proportion of successful people is very small. Most did not earn much money. For starters, unless you have a very unique practices or ideas, or any Wangzhuan project, through which all of a sudden want to earn a lot of money, is not realistic.

network to make a lot of money, or the successful operation of one or more large sites. Or is the use of a variety of network marketing way to sell the product line. For ordinary users, just contact to Wangzhuan, wanted to make a lot of money, is not practical. So, beginner must put the mentality, do try several projects. Not much, and refinement. Several projects to do a good job, only to have the confidence and experience.

site tutorial how to use the network to make money, a general talk about the way to make money online. New friends can help clear understanding of what is going on in wangzhuan. Everyone in the Wangzhuan site to see the "surf" mail "money" money "survey of money" "money" project, is a low level Wangzhuan project. Do these projects, if it is almost not to earn what money. Only through the strong pull line (promotion methods many, see "Wangzhuan promotion skills") can have gains. As far as I know, do this kind of project, the most powerful can earn about $2000 per month, the number of referrals are dozens, hundreds of. And hundreds of projects have been done. But they have a very high traffic website publicity, but also engage in Wangzhuan for at least 1 years. For a beginner, usually a month can only earn 50 dollars. (unless you have a strong ability to pull off the assembly line or a high traffic website publicity) so we must be flat mentality, do not want to ask for the moon.

new friends can find a few good projects, vigorously promote. This energy can be taken into account. At the same time, to learn more knowledge. As soon as possible to understand the characteristics of the various projects in their field and situation. Understand the technology of friends, it is best to build a dedicated site, promotional projects. In this way, you can get the fastest.

new friends do not just look at the "mail to make money" click "make money" and other projects, to focus on the larger areas. Such as online advertising, e-commerce. Because these projects are really big money. In short, only the mentality of flat, more learning, more summary, in order to truly feel the fun of making money online.