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Chris Johnson, co-founder of Wakefield, once in the financial industry, after joining the entrepreneurial tide, in this article he shared the views of entrepreneurial failure, and how to face failure.

what is the most popular word in the industry in recent years?. Now the company is much easier than before, many people have to start the army, never in history where a period of time, there has never been such a crazy poineering tide. Stanford University’s MBA program has been a barometer of entrepreneurship, according to a survey report shows that 16% of the 2011 graduates to start their own companies. This wave of entrepreneurship even more ferocious than in 90s, I think in 2012, this wave will be more ferocious.

It’s a good thing to have a

startup, but do you see a wave of failures behind it?". Entrepreneurial tide, many people are the first time to do the leadership, many people are just working in a comfortable working environment, did not feel as a leader to bear the pressure and the risk of facing.

failed in entrepreneurship is also a kind of glory, the founder of PaulGraham YCombinator recently in the United States NPR radio interview, said, to learn to appreciate failure, to be good at avoiding it and with him." Only half of the companies he supports can survive. Dave McClure, co-founder of five hundred start-ups, he called his company "failed factory".

anyway, you always feel sad when you face failure. But the most important thing is, when you face failure, what you should do, how to do.

I just got back from failure. At the beginning of 2009, I left the company I was working with to join a start-up company that was paying. The company has a good financial support, I and many cattle man, in a major development group. I’m sure I in a master hand’s first small display, the choice is very correct. Last year, I left the team, the establishment of a network of startups themselves, just started very well in the online recruitment we recruit to two Daniel (one just resigned from the Facebook), then we are from a very strong strength of angel investors got an angel investment. But did not expect that six months in the past, our product development is very slow, so that in the end, a series of accidents to my team broke down. My company has turned into a bubble, and I’m disgraced.

the ups and downs of my career, my first Boss (ArthurAndersen, with 8000 employees) went bankrupt in the first half of the year after I started the business, but not yet