Talking about the money making scheme of lazy webmaster

ashamed really ashamed, I do network 4 years. For 4 years, I’ve wasted my time and energy on the internet. I’ve been happy for 20 IP once and no time to be a lot but I’ve never been discouraged ip. 3/4 of the time every day for the station, maintenance publicity. 4 years did not earn a lot of money or even a penny also didn’t earn. Up to the domain name space to earn money back. There is little time for family and friends to accompany them. Believe that many webmaster and I like it.

has been 22 years old this year, in addition to their own other nothing, no friends, no money, no car, no room……. Always looking for something new to break my head. I know the network flourishes myth may not appear on my body. So I intend to give up the network to engage in other industries. Several sites on their own to find a few relatively simple procedures put. Update one or two times a week. No more than 20 minutes each time. No matter what he included pr.

a very quiet night I returned home (rental) as usual, open the computer to see the novel, hang QQ (general stealth on-line) on the line after the QQ stop flash open to see the 6 system messages (XXX add you as a friend) followed by the message sent several people. At that time, I remember very clearly that there are 5 to buy my site on the connection, then did not care about that they want to do and links, I will reply to them to help them do. I was surprised by his reply. "Help me to do 3 links, $8 a month." I was a bit surprised to do a simple link. So I talked with him up to know the link can also be sold for money. Because it was late, I helped him to make sure the link was paid and the other 886.

I found a link on Baidu search and sale there are thousands of related information, Baidu know the details of the link process. Immediately to check my station included and PR value. Read the data is even more surprised Baidu included 7000 (for the general station has been very good) home update time yesterday. Pr=3. In the morning and went to see the collection is yesterday (that is updated every day) no wonder they find me to buy links. So I saw in Baidu AD5 is a good place to link the transaction to go in to register. In a simple link to the sale of a number of information. Over the next few days I sold more than and 100 links on AD5 to earn more than $1000. I think the site cost back. So he sold the station. Or in the sale of information released on the AD5 20 days after finally someone came out with a price to buy the station. Finally, the rest of my true love station did not sell. The other few are sold.

actually I use is the simple Marx movie program is used in order to save him. Click on the background to update the data IU can automatically update. Did not expect Baidu also included. Recommendations do not have the time to manage the site’s friends can go to the background can be automatically collected procedures to do the station is also good. Just pay attention to change the column name or category. Don’t somebody else