Mother buy site Zulily what is worth $1 billion



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Zulily is currently only 2.5% of the Amazon have reported that maternal electronic commerce and group purchase website Zulily just in the new round of financing, with an annual income of $500 million $1 billion valuation.

technology blog PandoDaily Sara · (Lacy) feel a little weird, so she compared a number of other large e-commerce and group buying site over the past year, the amount of independent user visits in the past month (Sarah).

Zulily based traffic is currently only 2.5% of Amazon, and Amazon is a market value of up to $105 billion of the company. But Zulily’s monthly independent user access is indeed far more than Gilt Groupe.

from this chart can be seen, only three companies exceeded the industry average: Amazon, Fab and Zulily." "The valuations of the latter two companies may still be radical, but it also helps explain why investors think they are doing better," he writes."

this article compiled from businessinsider