Reminder please don’t touch the novice webmaster Wangzhuan s.s.c

contact us for some time Wangzhuan friends all know there is a constant color to make money, and many netizens have been involved, but because the number of Internet users and advertising s.s.c grow with each passing day, so attractive, many friends in the golden Wangzhuan forum asked about s.s.c business really false. Here specially wrote an analysis of s.s.c article with beginner friends:

golden Wangzhuan is to write this topic, because once personally involved in this business, not for money, since a lot of beginner attention, I have to pay attention to and go.

The first

: many people ask s.s.c can make money? Can earn some money, but he is very greedy, the netizen is the same person, are lost in the corruption of the word above. If you can just leave every day, invested more than 100 yuan to leisure for a while, or not. Every color belongs to gambling, gambling, bet will lose. By always color rich, there may be family gambled, even in debt.

second: consider

from the dealer’s point of view

always color platform for the majority of personal platform, if the people to make more money, the dealer is bound to lose money, so find a reason to turn off this platform for another platform to continue to mobilize everyone to operate. In this platform, people will lose the red eye to another platform to go, because the dealer will find a variety of reasons to you to ensure that this platform is certainly safe, not the usual phenomenon. In order to fight back to the users of their lost cash will repeat. The banker to a certain time will be modeled on.

think about it, there is a banker who is not holding the original intention of profit management platform for the majority of agents are agents platform, it is too small to be a small dealer. These money makers like personal forces do not have the money to lose money. Lost close to walk a little money, earnings are easily satisfied.

for example: a member of the golden Wangzhuan internal sales station profit about 5 thousand yuan a month, but all profits were sent to a constant color. Due to a corruption of the word the hard-earned money given to the s.s.c dealer.

I also experienced several platforms, making pre agreed very well, but the final result. Good luck when 2 yuan to 1200 yuan, this probability is not, but only spend 2 yuan to 1200 yuan, to continue to play? Probably not 1200 yuan a 1200 yuan. Gambling luck, chance is good, can earn some money; bad luck, money boondoggle. Many people lose the red eye, nor will the loss irreparable regret.

some people say that the makers of the phone and QQ are left, reliable, out of the problem can be found. However, the phone number can be changed, QQ number can also be changed, a QQ will pull you black, cell phone number, who do you go to


about the s.s.c analysis here, smart people know the play to play, the big red Wangzhuan can go beyond that, offend the banker, write this article just can’t bear to see more and more friends trapped. The most.