Novice Manual how to open a good shop

Hello, although I have no crown, but at least Taobao also mixed a year or so, and the most important is under my guidance, there have been several amateur shop, and credit in January have reached the heart, have the worst one. Although the results are not very obvious, but believe that the money is bright.

for the novice shop, the main question, I summed up according to their own experience, we want to help:

1, sell what Dongdong?

many sellers do not know what they want to sell the first thing, and this will be the future store positioning, market space, the size of the profit has a great relationship.

Author: first, to see which industry is more familiar with their own, cosmetics, mobile phones, or other. As I am more familiar with toys, I will consider making toys. Although he is a MM, a lot of people advised me to make cosmetics, but I really know nothing about cosmetics, they are not good at, so I finally chose their own familiar toys.

then, to see their own hobbies, you may know not to be engaged in the industry, but if you are interested, then started quickly; if you want to make a trade, have no interest in it, it is recommended that you do not work, do not put their own money, and time for naught. Have time to do some of their favorite.

2, source selection, how to purchase?

The author thinks that the best

can use all their available resources, to find a friend to help, the best way is to find a source of goods, the difference should be a two traffickers, don’t be "three merchants", or even 4, 5, 6 traffickers, then, to the end, you pay a lot of labor, but had no effect on rice. Most importantly, take the goods if it is down N times hand after the return, the future replacement things are also very troublesome, and to a road to change, this time to wait, and will give customers the feeling is very poor. Finally, a All is lost., earn 5 dollars, lost a client, in exchange for a bad thing don’t make


now there are many online shop owner, have their own sources, many of which are direct manufacturer, novices can consider making their way to join the franchise; online, in general, the following two types: 1, early into a small amount of goods, as a branch of the shop, later to direct sales shop products they have, on behalf of the consignor, this is the so-called credit for this consignment, low; 2, there is a direct shipping, do not purchase, the general requirements for store credit is relatively high, all two-way win-win.

3, shop after the early attention

first: shop decoration, whether good or bad, but must give the customer a sense of cleanliness

secondly, the opening of the store, because the store is very low, so we must do more publicity >