nsert Adsense ads in Blogger service

      the Blogger.com was bought by Google free blog website at the end of last year to support fast placed Google AdSense ads in the sidebar without more support AdSense message. Today, AdSesne official blog published, AdSense web publishers seeking to open BloggSpot support placed ads in AdSense (Inline Ads) between the.

      this is a good news for the not good at modifying HTML to arrange the AdSense advertising blog by AdSense group, statistical test results indicated that the blog is better between the effectiveness of advertising hotspots, if you are a Blogspot user and that is also why, let’s take a look at how to arrange Google AdSense in advertising the article between



      BlogSpot AdSense

between the placement of advertising

      to arrange AdSense ads in the article, as long as you enter the Blogger background of the "template" -> "elements" click "blog article" the "element, then the set is enabled in this function. Pictured:




      set up inter article advertising (Inline Ads)

      according to the editor to modify "blog article" will jump out of a Blog article set in this window, you can set the Blog display and so on. To enable inter article advertising (Inline Ads) feature you just need to "Show Ads Between Posts" this option will be hooked on it.

      next you can also set the frequency of AdSense ads appear, you can choose every 1-5 article after the show AdSense ads. But the AdSense ad group currently provides only 3, beyond the part of the results of the Simon test is that it does not automatically display.

      choose a good AdSense advertising display frequency, you have to set the AdSense ad format. Choosing a suitable ad format for your blog will be better than selecting a highly advertised format.