Advantages and disadvantages of each advertising alliance

1: eight party advertising alliance

As a veteran of the

advertising alliance, there are a lot of fans, first make friends want to put ads may first think of the eight party. Because the eight party code is very attractive, the high click through rate. If you optimize the site is good enough, the eight Party hit rate of 3 is not a problem. Unit price is not the end, points sold to the official 0.0185, but also pay fast. But the experience of the webmaster know the eight party buckle amount, the specific number of how much we do not know.

2 in the purchase network

a lot of webmaster do custom advertising will choose this, custom benefits is that you can control the advertising clicks, unit 1.8 is also good.

3 Google Adsense

many webmasters have recommended me to do this, the union does not require any fees, advertising diversity, but there is no lack of advertising more than 7 points. But relatively speaking, the ad click rate, suitable for large, the station is not recommended.

4 easy advertising alliance

You can pop

do not hesitate to choose the alliance, basic can pop up. Other types of advertising are not recommended, the reasons are not here to explain.

5 world search

new advertising alliance, I also recently, very good, also do a lot of good standing. You can choose to customize, you can also use it to your code, the former unit price of 0.02, the latter of 0.03, relatively high. No amount of deduction, personal recommendation.

on the above 5 kinds of I often do it. We have to admit that the domestic advertising alliance is not mature, so Google AdSense can be so successful in the country. No one can give such a good price, and no one can guarantee that the amount of advertising does not buckle, so we have chosen Google. Many of my friends do not Google, although the price is high, but it is the click rate is low, the best rate is 1%, but you have to think he is PV, if the average PV of your site is 10 times of others, then your Google IP hits the 10% firmly. My station is 2000 IP, 40 thousand PV, Google day 5 knife firmly. So to do a website to make money, we must strive to improve pv.