Why these sites can make more money

The following two web site rankings are not high, but the webmaster not only get the WPS project promotion costs, but also get the WPS monthly bonus, now please share their promotion method!

A, cleverly combined with their own site location: Sunshine library http://s.gongwen100.com/

        know-how: Home eye-catching advertising

        trick two: highlight the "site editor dedicated" to improve the user’s trust

        trick three: each sub page is placed eye-catching advertising, so that users download

two, fully use the occasion, Kingsoft Corp to provide resources — computer network:

        www.wps2005.cn      www.pc-web.cn/soft/office/

        computer network makes full use of the Kingsoft Corp to make web page webmaster (14 and WPS, and this stunt) special pages renamed http://s.wps2005.cn / computer network, at present, the conversion rate is close to 50% active users, way ahead.