No no perseverance to reach the victory to Wangzhuan

I entered Wangzhuan the industry, found a forum due to a year ago accidentally. There was green advertising and the exciting post so I really have a feeling of regret, think finally found a good way to make money, so every day as if possessed on the network.

but I gradually found that those who advertised to earn hundreds or even thousands of days to earn thousands of methods is not realistic, belong to the local title of the party. At the time of a mobile phone SP project, for example, the landlord provides a set of SP advertising templates, as long as the forum to post hard, the flow can lead to the site to make money. At the time of his calculations, every day to send station 100 posts, each post average 20 people reading, 10 of them came to the site, then the daily traffic will be 1000IP. Due to the template to do well, this 1000IP average can bring 100 custom, according to the custom of 1 yuan each also has a revenue of $100. If you work hard every day to send more than and 300 stickers is no problem. This means that you can earn more than 300 yuan a day.

I was in accordance with this method for a few days and found that there are many problems. First need to register before posting forum, this process is very cumbersome. The second is often connected with the post moderators deleted, must be reworked. The most critical is the Internet users are not stupid, a lot of people even after the visit to visit the site does not necessarily take out the phone to send text messages. So was a lot of money fast Wangzhuan methods are feasible in theory, but there is considerable difficulty in fact.


has difficulty, but a lot of people still rely on this kind of method to earn a lot of money, such a master of a common feature is a strong technical or economic strength. For example, some people spend a lot of money to buy the bulk of the software, such as SKYCC, you can easily publish a large area of soft text to the network. Some people have developed a QQ space automatic message software, as long as the software allows you to run a steady stream of visitors. But understand technology and have the ability to invest in people after all few, so friends are with others everywhere disorderly bump, always hoping to find ways to make money fast, but only to get some petty profits, some even cheated at a loss.

can be said that when Chinese Wangzhuan industry is very impetuous, everyone dreams of the night, only a few people settled down to do long-term planning. One of my friends had set up a health theme website, every day to collect popular e-book site update. Because it is new sites, not much traffic, revenue is naturally very meager. But he did not give up halfway because of any difficulties, has been adhering to their own plans.