Self help and cooperation of individual entrepreneurs


recently, 36Kr seen in an article entitled "grassroots individual owners see entrepreneurship and investment" of the deep feelings of marginalization, grassroots webmaster has been struggling in the IT, at the lowest level of the IT, as well as IT most contemptible, earned advertising alliance the knife, build some garbage stations some of the rubbish, can flow, a whole Internet junk".

I found

in a fairly high quality webmaster exchange group, some grassroots webmaster or stay in before the profit pattern, rely on advertising alliance, Taobao passenger survived, mostly discussed is a 10 thousand IP website a day can earn, communication content and Internet original pattern is similar as for the mobile Internet, the profit is disappeared.

some webmaster mentioned some high-end Internet users will often appear in what website, I would recommend some such as 36Kr, I, stocks, investment and other investment circles snowball sites, including some new media I horse, titanium media, tiger sniffing network, of course, high-end Internet people may look more than that, these is more common, but the answer is that they have never heard of these sites.

Although the development of the Internet than

years ago, a lot of progress, but in the grassroots family, many models did not have too many changes, more than some of the traditional Internet model will not be corrected, these grassroots webmaster information on this is limited, it is more difficult to capture changes to the internet.

The main profit pattern is the most

grassroots webmaster search advertising, according to Analysys think tank released "the first quarter of 2013 China Internet advertising market quarterly monitoring" shows that the first quarter of 2013 China Internet advertising operators to market size 18 billion, compared to the fourth quarter of 2012 fell 14.5% in the first quarter of 2013, China Internet advertising operators market share, Baidu accounted for in 31.8%, the Alibaba accounted for 15.5%, Google Chinese accounted for 5.8%, occupy the top three market position.

through the above report can be found, along with the development of Internet, the traditional search market share gradually declined, the frequency of more users in the micro-blog and WeChat as well as some social networking sites, for the traditional search sites will gradually decline, if necessary, brush micro-blog and WeChat about gun than search fun much.

at the end of December 2012, China’s netizens reached 564 million at the end of March 2013, China’s mobile Internet users access number 817 million, the rapid development of mobile Internet, has brought the huge impact to the traditional Internet, not just BAT, some small and medium-sized websites the impact is great, the grassroots and the lowest layer, it is more difficult to embrace the mobile Internet of this era, unresponsive grassroots webmaster is still marking time, have to say is a kind of sad.