Talk about my CAD growth path

I am Hao Yang, interior design professional, I will share with you my way of growing up CAD, decrypt the fastest way to master CAD!

said my fate seems to have been bad, the college entrance examination for 3 months, the results of a college entrance examination. Still only three, this school was not I want to go, because I think the specific, specifically two certainly go, the results of my scores are enough for college Ti Dangxian, but not enough on the professional. Helpless, go on!

I am a professional computer art design, and was not pointing to the school, so the professional is also their own blind tune.

thought at that time, the computer art design well, perhaps also has the human body art… Evil.. Ha ha

major sophomore, computer art design is divided into flat and indoor, I reported the interior, but the popular professional. The software is CAD, 3D, PS, the other is OK, but this is how to learn CAD, looked at the awkward! A flat and uninteresting line, and out of order command, feeling how to learn such a professional? Slowly, lessons are not listened to, not Internet bar is to nest in the dormitory to read novels. By the time of graduation design, the teacher asked the group to do the architectural animation, and looked at the work of other students, in the heart of envy and some disdain, cattle what is not a broken house?

wasn’t what occupation planning, who knows! Do not know what to do in the future, do not know what good work, when to graduate looking for work dumbfounded.

whether you have any work experience, people have to work, I go, ah, where to get work? Desperation, from the Internet under a sadly into a truer, to my plan guide from CAD to MAX, to tell the truth, really not to export the line is broken. Work will not become.

so sloshing in the field for half a year, looking for a sales job, every call, distribute leaflets, work can earn money, every time, the Mid Autumn Festival is homesick, but I have enough to go back to the ticket before half a month, even more money on rent not much left. Besides, I don’t want to go back.

now the society, no money to engage the object Mody!

worked out for 2 years, did not earn money, the family can no longer sink, called me back. It is near at home to find it, how to find? Are the tens of millions of graduates every year to recruit, will squeeze squeeze, finally on a resume, didn’t even look. On the Internet looking for six months, or is to work experience, or physical activity. Mom, depressed! No way, look for old classmates.

in this nagging, my classmates are too shameless, no money Lao Tzu also let brother treat by! Well, in order to work, bear! This guy do budget in the construction company, the monthly 5000 ocean.

okay, pull the brothers.

this grandson is full