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relative to traditional industries, the Internet changes faster, more opportunities. More and more smart people to enter the industry, so that new models and new products emerge one after another. Almost all entrepreneurs have such a consensus: Internet products must be fast, there is an idea landing quickly, quickly to the market, fast iterative improvement!

most successful products on the Internet at present. Baidu just on the line, mainly to provide search services to Sina, and Google to provide search services like YAHOO. At the beginning of the line effect is poor, 2003 also engage in a lightning plan, to elevate the quality of QQ; originally called OICQ, ICQ interface and the like, the most difficult time almost sold, but QQ rapid improvement, to adapt to the needs of users Chinese, develop to this huge monster; Taobao’s first page said how ugly is ugly, the user is not much, but the rapid improvement, to adapt to the change, development of the largest business platform now.

also has a lot of Internet product improvement is not fast enough, slowly decline. 263 mailbox is an example of the search is an example of MSN is an example, Tianya, happy net also can be considered a similar example. Many products were hot, but a flash in the pan, I do not want to remember.

can not be denied that the Internet product development, it must be fast, products can not start a perfect, but be quick! Quick launch, to seize the market, then quickly repair the problem, a fast iterative improvement! Almost all Internet Product Manager, also have a consensus: Internet products, but not fast breaking too! Fish, but fast fish eats the slow


however, the environment is changing quietly, this concept has become the cause of the failure of some products. Now the introduction of new Internet products or features, should slow down!

smartphone popularity, the number of mobile Internet users in the explosive growth of mobile Internet access in the past two years, the popularity of almost over the past 10 years of accumulation, which is the change of the environment.

What are the changes in the

smartphone? No one has ever said that a computer is a part of the human body, but that it is a part of the human body. News reports:

a young man was banned from using mobile phones, began to get sick, the hospital for a few days did not get better, more and more serious. Later had to give him back the phone, the condition will soon be restored!

Since the

mobile phone to become a part of our every human body, we will tolerate dirty things on hand for second days? We will tolerate clothes with a large oil also has not been off? We will always wear a pair of very bad shoes every day around

? Of course not!

the same way, if one of the software on the phone has some obvious problems,