People get the gas to become the entrepreneur is the heart of the big

review: "people have to get gas," is when I was young mother always taught me a word. This sentence let me understand a truth from urine: people want to become a person, by the injustice of this is inevitable. It is also because early know this truth, so no matter what kind of experience after the grievance, my attitude is very calm, can with this simple eight words through.


in 1998, I have done the earth, vice president of the company’s annual business volume of 80%. Such achievements and aura, often attracted the envy of others. But in fact, behind the glory I also bear a lot of grievances. At that time, many customers will owe the company. While these arrears is a reminder of the most difficult and the most headache.

remember one year in January, I a person to Guangdong a company to recover arrears. At that time the company owed the land 800 thousand yuan, has been delayed. They are a relatively well-known local air conditioning manufacturers, but for various reasons, it has its own one or two billion foreign debt will not come back. Imagine how hard it is to ask them. So before I go, I do

was a tough game. I know in my mind that the debt is not easy to discuss, not to mention the face of a troubled enterprise.

to Guangdong, I first find their high-level consultations, but not settled. At that time they were already bankrupt, and the personnel and financial matters were complicated. But it took the "win" the faith come before, so I did not compromise. I found their financial room, ready to communicate directly with their financial staff. However, after I had come, tell me directly to the general manager of the finance they: "the company did not have the money, money can not also owe."

I am very dissatisfied with the financial general manager’s answer, I know their business situation, but also understand their feelings. But this money is what they should pay us, and it’s been dragging on for a long time. Although their companies are facing bankruptcy, but the money is still capable of. Angrily, I started to lift their big desk and told them: I must have some money.

later, the president of the company and a number of high-level invited me to dinner, and further talked about arrears. They told me that the chief financial officer was sent by the investors, and that if I continued to go on like this, they would use a very unusual means to deal with me. After hearing this, I immediately told the president: it’s okay to lose your life, but the money must be taken away. After dinner, I immediately call Xu Xu, told him: if I can not go back on schedule, immediately find this side.

at that time, Xu always comforted me, said: security matters, if the money really does not come back even if the. Now think of Xu’s words, I was particularly touched. To tell the truth, though I knew it was difficult before coming, I never did