Ali Mama, don’t treat us as fools

        click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

    recently, is said to be the international well-known big companies Alibaba launched advertising trading site Ali mother turned out. So as to save the webmaster articles like this small station also emerge in an endless stream, try to do, the feeling is a kind of feeling into * * *..

      digression. So they can not avoid the registration of an account, first applied for an account. Not reflect. Ali’s mother is free advertising. I think the price is too expensive (in fact, also 850 yuan week. Site 50 thousand IP, about 150 thousand PV, ranking around 30 thousand, non download, entertainment station. IP is not good enough. Hang a small ad, 120*240, offer 280 yuan a week. Just put. Found in the evening is displayed above the Yahoo advertising. I was a burst of joy at the end of the station (06). Half a year. Web site did not cast off advertising. Nature has never been advertising revenue. So although it is just a little money can not help but a burst of joy. Thought that Ali himself bought 88. Good to hear that they want to buy advertising information. But I point link. Prompt to upgrade. I got up early in the morning to see if I was successful. But I look into the background. Be startled at。 It was a free ad for them. And the original picture that (760*90) links also changed directly to the mother of Ali master. Only a small place in the lower right corner is the link to the site of the introduction of the sale. Hey。 Really put our webmaster as * * *. Then I dare not say how Ali mother. I just want you to be the same as me. Think about your own analysis.

      was not writing. I’m not ready to write this. But then there’s more fun. Have to say. I put my case to the well-known webmaster forum im286 (see link: Tid=2138883& pid=21277869& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid21277869) and Ali mother forum reflects ( Tid=3516& pid=22571& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid22571pid22571). They did not expect not to say a BUG. Ha-ha。 Almost killed me. This is not count. Wait again