ntroduce some suitable advertising!…

movie station traffic faster, but advertising is not good to do

what are the ads for the movie webmaster do?

1, SP SMS advertising or choice. But now the league can not find… The current channel is not stable, user uplink is not stable

2, UUSEE client download, 1.5 yuan each, the user activates. Do this alliance has a lot of, the same advertising position, the same return flow of data is not the same… Many of my friends have done this, but generally receive the money after the withdrawal, do not know is that users do not like to see the alliance the amount deducted too hard!


3, ZCOM magazine download, this is a download 2-3 hair, the effect is fairly general, but also depends on the quality of the league..

4, do QB class, and now do this is still more popular, in fact, can also be regarded as a kind of advertising messages, according to the number of times to count the money back, count the head is 1-2 yuan per

5, do the exchange chain, selling points… This is suitable for large flow of webmaster do

6, it really did not have to hang up the poison.1 million IP80-100… But the flow will be less and less. N will also be more than a few greetings to the mother… Do not recommend doing ah

sort out some of the league, we can try to do next…

I love SP SMS on payment of Union: http://s.5252sp.cn all sky for about 5%, 22 points to 24 points up more than 11%. But the guide and guide well. Income is high, not only will ease well mixed


UUSEE to www.wanmeng.com horse www.heima8.com m.union.kingsoft.com Jinshan WebUnion… But black data than others. Don’t know what happened. We choose..

ZCOM can be done to the above said three, can also go to a new league www.nnwm.com this is UUSEE.. But I did not see… But there are a few friends in, nor ask them not receive any money… But this price is 3 cents… why the other 2 of his 3 wool wool we measured.


class Q coins well, the effect really can only say… Before song several Union are doing this… Such as U.91IVR.COM and a 51.LA

… Banner advertising…

swap chain, LINKPAGE, 7CLINK, pioneer chain, etc.

I will not say

hanging poison.. you must have every day >