A few years do stand experience several Wangzhuan method

owners are most concerned about is the site to do it, how to put ads, to maintain the survival of the website, here I summarize some experience for your reference.

to be honest, this number is not counted. However, in order to subscribe to the blog to recommend the main to the flow of the site to live based on the main reason, which is self-evident. Recommendation is a troublesome thing, the general business will not allow you to get the money, you need to do after-sales work. That is, if a user registered through you, you have the opportunity to help you register here to increase the user’s skills to earn money, so you can get the recommended u.s.. In order to flow the website, copied to copy, only short-term behavior, once the search engine K out, his Wangzhuan life will end. That kind of flow down a few years, and there seems to be no ranking site. Overall, a blogger or webmaster in the current network environment to make the house and car, the beauty of the condition is not too mature, I estimate the bold: two years on average earn 6000 yuan per month to master class website or blog is the arena in the. But this kind of people can generally operate the site to this extent, in real life, the salary will not be less than 5 digits.


network is to maintain a profitable website or blog chain

some people blog is to name, see the same name after the money; some people just love to talk, the minority; most can adhere to the blog, is actually for money. Who is not a saint, in today’s market economy, understandable. In fact, I really want to thank Google, his Adsense support and catalyze the operation of a considerable part of the world and China blog. Google’s 1 billion 100 million Adsense revenue will be linked to the blog, adhere to the characteristics, together with the biological chain. Now the trend of blog marketing is more and more heavy, believe Wangzhuan prospects will be getting better and better, of course, will be more diversified.

I used four ways to make money online

Google Adsense

06 years I used, when the money was really good, and sometimes a click is $1, but now is not, and this may be related to the location of my blog. No matter how to say, rely on Adsense to buy space, buy a domain name, broadband rent money is enough, in fact, one day an article can give me such a return I have satisfied, so I suggest that we have no better way to make money to Adsense front, as long as you don’t cheat, do not violate the Google Adsense launch policy, general situation can not be K.

Ali mother advertising alliance

In fact, thanks to Ma Yunting the idea of

, this platform is good, I think TOM and SOHU in 04 years ago began to do such a thing, why not have the idea of integrating Ali? I am in Ali’s account and 3 dollars in money, why not do it, because.