Look at the city guide website Refinery29 how to become updated tide


2005, invested only $5000 on the city’s Guide to the Refinery29 site for users to share the discovery around. Now the site has become a popular fashion life class, the number of independent visitors over 5 million monthly advertising and e-commerce revenue is expected to reach $26 million this year.

despite the amazing pace of development, but the founder of Philippe von Borries and Justin Stefano aware that their brand building pace did not keep up. Stefano said: media companies are not only the traditional content publishers – they produce products, the development of technology platforms or video and other intangible assets, far more than just release text so simple. We want to be able to develop in different directions, but the original LOGO, website and brand image can not meet this demand."

now they have to publish more than and 80 articles every day, the original design of the structure of the blog becomes mixed, uncoordinated, difficult to browse search. Two founders of LOGO on the mobile phone platform is also not satisfied with the results – which is very important, because the Refinery29 site traffic from mobile phones and tablet PCs 40%.

they choose to cooperate with international brand consultancy Wolff Olins. Wolff Olins helped the USA today, AOL and Target to rebuild the brand image, the team designed for Refinery29 4 month "brand launch activities", its core content is: how to find and expand the audience while maintaining image related fashion. Wolff Olins, chief strategist Marissa Vosper said: "this is the ultimate challenge of almost all brands have to face, but Refinery is more serious, because the whole idea is to website exclusive custom minority cultural confrontation" fashion "" Elle "and other mass media."

Wolff Olins has designed a new "R29 LOGO" for the brand image, this new LOGO is suitable for any place, from web banners to the overall appearance, there is a fusion of fashion aesthetics and simplicity of the new website. Next, Refinery29’s design team began to rectify the site, using the module elements. "Home page is divided into 5 independent parts, each part can be adjusted to replace." Stefano said, this is convenient for us to recommend content based on the reader’s preferences, more convenient to integrate into the future of social platforms."

The monotonous text-based website

has now become more smooth and interesting, more pictures and blank, carefully designed advertising, the icon can also roll, Unicom social networking sites. In order to attract the reader’s interest, homepage prominently by slide form rolling – > next recommendation "from readers