Entrepreneurial experience 10 Silicon Valley CEO’s 44 business proposal

Evernote founder Phi Libin:

1.Evernote is the third company founded by

2 let’s do something we like (love)

3 focus on the product (Don’t be with structuring, be clever with your products)


4 do something that belongs to you

5 do not have exit strategy, to do something they do not want to sell

6 early in the accumulation of a number of founding partners

Optimizely founder Dan Siroker:

1 each new talent needs to be higher than the average level of

2 good questions are better than giving advice

3 general venture company algorithm: when the start-up company’s cash flow is positive, feedback =

4 entrepreneurs to write this algorithm, all people perform

5 in a transparent market, it is difficult to determine the priority

Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway:

1 invest in people

2 find those who can bring you additional value investors

3 resolution

4 recruitment principles: Hire fast, fire fast

5 if a product grows rapidly, then it is a good product

6 focuses on the most important product

7 to transform from code to design

8 social products change is the way people communicate

Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon:

1 good ideas and looks less than the idea of the intersection is the best point

2 you need to have a secret, that is, only you know what most people do not know

VMWare CEO Diane Green:

1.Deadline will bring a lot of things to help

2 makes people’s lives easier

Counsyl founder Balaji Srinivasan:

1 try to stay different