Cloudnote abandoned grass root positioning high-end Evernote strong duel local snake

cloud notes aimed not the majority of the "grass root", but the suit and tie, efficient business crowd

– use the free mode to do business users, companies will feel the cloud notes this tool is not reliable, as the first high-end custom

– investors believe that active users every day more than 100 thousand of the cloud notes, capital will pay more attention to


as a frequent Sino US investor, Lightspeed director of MI group work efficiency very seriously, in his mobile phone, cloud notes Evernote is a good helper to improve work efficiency. He told reporters in Nandu said, "it’s in abroad very fire, even in Japan published more than 30 books to teach you how to use."

in May this year, the English name of the company as a strong Evernote into China and the introduction of the impression notes, along with its access to China’s broadband industry fund investment of up to $70 million. The seemingly tepid cloud notes market, whether there will be a ripple? In fact, before landing Chinese impression notes, Qihoo 360 has been quietly under the cloth FIT cloud notes and two pieces, while another cloud notes product light notes to get angel investment at the beginning of this year, and is expected to complete the A round of financing in the end, there will be more capital investment money to


"Guojianglong" strong

"exotic" impression notes are fans affectionately known as "elephant", because the impression notes with a green head of the elephant as a symbol. Now the "elephant" first, quickly connected to the ground gas: get a huge amount of investment to build Tian, the localization of the small team, also in collaboration with Alipay, UC. The bigwigs "guide", notes the impression made with modified resourceful, the situation of local China.

but, impression notes are very "in international communication on strong", the requirements of domestic media in an interview report must be "exclusive", that is "not the impression notes and other brands on the same page or the same report". The person in charge of the media interpretation of reporters in Nandu is facing the domestic environment, there are a lot of users is difficult to distinguish between different products in different cloud notes. Even if we missed a good opportunity to report, we do not allow users to misunderstand. We have no way to make up for the work, so that readers understand the difference between the impression notes and other products."

Nandu reporter can not meet the impression of the official "requirements" can only be analyzed through an external interview to restore the elephant".

, according to an interview with reporters in Nandu found that impression notes in China currently only supports sharing notes to others via e-mail. In foreign countries, Evernote is free to share notes through e-mail, IM chat software, forums, Twitter, etc.. For this, the market there are different views of the analysis. >